finished. i'm pretty sure.

I had a woman who was examining my art recently ask "Do you know when you are done with a painting?"
and I replied that I did. That I would work, and re-work until it clicked into place~ almost like a lock: click! and that I just knew deep down in my heart that it was finished.
but then... it is like she jinxed me. This past month I have been plagued by the lingering ending. It is the product of thinking too much I suppose.

This painting is about finding your own voice and dreams in the midst of a crowd. It is painted on a map of NYC.


CourtneyP said...

I have been having the same issue with my work as well. I am tring not to over work the piece and then I have to sit with it a few days until I feel like it is right.

Anonymous said...

Love it! I have loved that light blue with red combo for a long time now. And I love the imagery of having it painted on a map of NYC!

Tinniegirl said...

It's beautiful. Both the idea and the finished piece. I love it.

CT said...

Are you going to sell it on Esty??

Sweet Mess said...

Thanks all! I am really happy with it too, and yes CT I already sold it on etsy :)