new small collages

Some new work for my SHOP...
I had a lovely studio day this afternoon where I worked on some small (3.5" x 5") collages. I enjoy the lightness and playfulness of creating little things like this. Unlike some of my other paintings that weigh on me sometimes, these little projects only make me smile. I walked home in my red rubber rain boots (yes Lucy, right through the puddles!) with a small stack of these tucked protectively under my raincoat. It has been a good night tonight too. Hope you can say the same. ♥


Beth Hannon Fuller said...

Love these...I know don't you think the lightness (quick,easy,fun,sometimes unintentional) and smallness really help. I try to not "overwork" stuff but often do. I found small to be GREAT!
I wanted to give you credit for me finding the "polaroid" frame to which I am now addicted. Mind if I put your blog name on that post?

Sweet Mess said...

I always overwork things too~ it is so difficult to find that balance... and I wouldn't mind at all if you gave me credit~ :)

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Very glad you walked through the puddle. I go through puddles with my granddaughter - and the other Nana thinks I a crazy - but will clean up my granddaughter - while I clean up my feet.

LOve the brids in your pictures.