Paula Fuga

I had a wonderful day today. To sum it up:
  1. first thing in the morning went to the local greenhouse with Ema, Gita, and Lil to buy tomatoes, peppers, and some other various garden goodies. After many years of wanting one, I finally bought a rhubarb plant!
  2. studio time where I worked on a commissioned painting, and I am feeling excited about it.
  3. ALL afternoon in the garden. :) :) :)
  4. lovely dinner with kale from our garden!
  5. a nice long phone conversation with my mama. :)
and I will leave you with this video of Jack Johnson and Paula Fuga (a very talented Hawaiian musician) singing her song entitled "Lilikoi". Sometimes I sing or hum this song in Lili's ear and tell her it is her song...


Linda said...

great video, great song!
Glad you had a wonderful day ... looking forward to seeing the commissioned piece.
And YEAY! for veggies ready from the garden. My peas are up!

Liz said...

What a beautiful, powerful song! Its perfect!

Kat said...

ah, lovely. we should all have namesake "anthems"!

Nikki said...

Hi Kelcey,
I just found your blog, love it! What a beautiful song! So sweet. I also saw your etsy shop-wow you do amazing work! I can't wait to see your art at the big crafty! We need to get together again soon.
Love, Nikki