run down.

  • 7:00:I wake to the sounds of Alex getting ready for work downstairs and Lili peering over me signing she wants to nurse.
  • 7:45 after being attacked with books by Lili I finally get out of bed.
  • 8:00: Change poopy diaper, dress her, and we eat cereal.
  • Do dishes, pick up, make coffee, make phone call, Gita comes over...
  • Attempt to drink coffee and read Newsweek while letting the girls play~ ha!
  • Gita sets up a beauty parlor and I pay her (in pieces of paper) to face paint Lilikoi's face with water.

  • Lili and I take the 2 mile walk to the mailboxes and back to mail off our Mother's Day cards... late as always.
  • Lunch~ leftover chili.
  • 1:00: Lil goes down for a nap, and right after I spy the largest bee I have ever seen buzzing about our house. I have to capture it very quietly.
  • Take shower, then spend the rest of the nap working on my newest painting.
  • 3:00: Start to make quiche for our "Family night dinner".
  • In the meantime Lili crawls up and starts banging on the computer keyboard. Randomly hits our stumbleupon button and this is what I find on the computer screen when I finally de-flour my hands and pull her away from the computer. She thinks it is funny. I am beyond words.
  • Have a great dinner with the Carmonas and Brandon (every Thursday)
  • 7:45: Lili goes to sleep
  • Watch "Survivor" back at the Carmonas, drink Mojitos that Ema made, and stay and chat.
  • 10:00: Check in with my Etsy site and see that I am in a treasury. I have been in a few, but this one is special because the person who created it picked a painting from each of my etsy stores! So that was a fun surprise. Click HERE to see it.
  • Write a mammoth blog post.
  • 12:30. Go. to. bed.


Linda said...

Well --- this certainly was my laugh for the day!!!
Gotta love the internet.

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO!!! THAT, my friend, is hilarious!!! Thanks for making my night! Love you, and sending mothering blessings your way.

Kat said...

ah ha ha ha!!! too much!

Erin said...

i couldn't stop laughing! I guess it's ok to laugh now, but when they are older maybe it won't be so funny? Looks like a pretty good day of stay at home momness... I love the video of Lili and Gita!

Liz said...

I love it! What a wonderful day! Miss you guys!