and another...

3.5" x 5"

Do you see the brown, patterned paper below the bird in this piece? I found it in an old decaying trunk in the small barn at the end of our road. I will have to take a picture of this falling down out building sometime soon to show you. This is where the postal workers drop off any packages for anyone living on our dirt road. It is very Appalachian style... And right in front of where they leave our packages is the trunk. It is exposed to the weather, and caving in on one side. Technically it is stealing I guess to take some of the paper that lined it, but this trunk is waaay beyond repair. I think most people would think I was crazy for how excited I was after I peeled a little section away. I don't know, I just have this deep love for old wallpaper and anything that shows the layers and wear and tear of life. I can always "weather" something new to look layered and old~ but it is never half as good as the real thing.

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