Pick of the Week- Lauren Nassef

My friend Lucy told me about an awful thing that happened to a wonderful artist named Lauren Nassef. A woman in the UK blatantly copied her artwork and passed it off as her own. She was selling prints and even won a big award for one of the plagiarized illustrations. I was touched by Lauren's artwork and thought maybe I could pass the story along (a good description and disscusion about this here) as a heads up (not sure how to prevent this other than hiding in a hole) and also to share Lauren Nassef's work. Maybe the publicity from this will be the silver lining to a dark and disturbing week for this talented artist.
Check out her website here.
Sock puppets ~ Lauren Nassef


Susan Sager Brown said...

Thank you Kelcey for bringing this to blogland's attention. Ironically I joined a Flickr group called Stop Art Piracy Campaign just recently. If you're interested, come join us. In your spare time, right???teehee I'm going to share this info with the group. Lauren's work is new to me and Fantastic. I feel heartsick over this issue, I can only imagine how horrible it would be to experience art theft first hand. xoSusan

Lorri said...

Oh Wow, I just went and had a look at everything - the links etc., I can't believe someone thinks they can get away with stealing someone's drawings as obviously as she did!! Just colour them in, and that's ok???
Nothing is even changed, they are direct rip-offs! to steal a whole set of them is even more flabergasting...... wow, shame on her. Her karma will come!

Terri Kahrs said...

I just checked into our Flickr "stop piracy" group and read your post. Thanks for introducing us to another fantastic artist. I'm so sorry to hear her story. Hugs, Terri

Pretty Things said...

Is there any way to contact whomever gave her the award, to make sure she gets it taken away?

Sweet Mess said...

Pretty Things,
I don't know, but it definitely seems like the moral thing to do. I hope that is what happened.