30 days of happiness :: 20

Things that make my life feel less chaotic~
...such as our new cabinets!!!

Whenever I return from a trip it seems like Alex surprises me with a wonderful new house update. It is always such a treat to be greeted by something new to our home...new trim, new shelves... I have LOVED every update except one. I came home from a weekend in NH and found what later became infamously known as "Slanty shanty shelf": (see it there in the corner?)I tried in my heart to be grateful, but really I hated slanty shanty. It wasn't even the shelf itself I despised, it was the fact that I could see every cup or plate, and every box of food in our kitchen just by standing in one place. It felt claustrophobic and overwhelming. Anyways, we have been making do with this situation for a year and half, and this week we finally got to say goodbye to Slanty shanty.
I found some used cabinets for $150 on craigslist last week. They aren't high end cabinets, but they are in good condition. They will look even better with a new coat of paint. Our whole kitchen is temporary anyways, so they are perfect. I love to go over to them and just open the door and see everything all lined up all perfectly. And then I can close the door and see just blank space. They make me seriously happy.
Sometimes doing without something makes you way more grateful for it when it does come. This has been the biggest lesson in building our own home for sure.
... I wish I could show you have happy I was when we got running water!

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Beth HF said...

Whenever I come home from a trip or day or my husband (who is not so handy) has moved things around in our house. He's a constant shifter. Friends have wondered why I don't have much art or photos up on the walls and it's because my husband can't seem to stop re-arranging! I'm always glad to be home but if it's late and I don't turn the lights on I'm liable to walk straight into something:) Nice cabinets!! I want to paint mine...I like the white/country white.