leaf festival

Here are some pictures of my booth from the LEAF festival. We had a wonderful time despite the frigid soggy weather much of the time. Overall it was a success, and I got to have all sorts of interesting conversations with people who stopped by over the course of the weekend. My booth overlooked the beautiful lake, and we could clearly hear the music from the main stage of the event (Cowboy Junkies, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Arrested Development, Mamadou Diabate, and much more) clearly.
Something that has started to happen as I attend more fairs is that people stop by to tell me that in seeing my work they are inspired to start creating or re-creating artistically themselves. I think these moments are the best part of putting myself out there in the public eye. Nothing feeds my soul like hearing someone say they are so inspired and can't wait to go start something. You know???

We were recovering from the weekend quite well, until unfortunately, Alex came down with the flu today. Please send any well wishes his way~ he could use them... Thanks.


Linda said...

Your booth looks super! And the tent, too! So glad it worked out for you. Here's hoping Alex is up and feeling well soon ~ not passing any flu germs on to you or Lili. Tell him to be selfish and keep them ALL to himself. Hang in there Alex.

Jeannette said...

Hi there, I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks. I saw your blog listed on mytopography. It's true what people are telling you. When I saw your creations I was inspired to start doing some creating myself. I've been pulling down family pics and am going to spend time today scrapbooking for the first time in many years. Thank you!

Caren said...

Wow, those pictures of your booth bring back memories to lurking around your mom's booth so many years ago! I'm going to get off your blog so I can go call you, but in case I don't get through, I'm so proud of you! Your work looks beautiful and is so lovingly presented! I'm not a bit surprised that you are an inspiration to strangers, since you are an inspiration to me! Love you.