Monday: Unpack from LEAF. Go to my women's circle at night. Alex starts to feel sick.
Tuesday: Alex goes to work. I pick him up at noon because he feels terrible. Lili and I go to Gita's birthday party.
Wednesday: I have no recollection at all of Wednesday. Oh right. Ema kindly fed Lili and I dinner. It took an hour and half to put Lili to sleep.
Thursday: Kindermusik class with Lili in the morning. Pick up 2 bushels of local yummy apples. Survivor tv night at the Carmonas and we eat tacos.
Friday: Alex still feels sick. We all hunker down inside and eat homemade chicken soup because it is raining outside. Lil and I are trying our hardest to stay healthy. Come up with a new bedtime plan, implement, so far so good.

That is the week that flew by in a nutshell. Mostly it has been a lot of quality time with this one as Alex has been down and out.


Erin said...

Sorry to hear that Alex is still feeling sick. It knocks you out for almost a week around here. I am fighting it... I hope you and Lili escape it. Lots of vitamin D. That's what they say.

Daisie said...

Hope Alex is soon better and that the germs leave you and Lili alone!

Caren said...

I'm sending Alex wellness thoughts. We've been battling sickness up here too, and I've been sniffing peppermint oil, which elicits some strange looks at the library, but really helps keep my sinuses functioning. On a fun note, I'm SO glad to see that the t-shirt fits and is so cute on her! I love it!

Anonymous said...

"Lily is very cute and I can't even believe how tall she is and how wonderful her life is. We'll pray for her and give her strength. And we just love her.