happenings on a family day...

I am running a few days behind, but we had such a nice day on Sunday, and I managed to remember to take my camera out, that I wanted to share.
First off, it has been GORGEOUS out here. Warm, and sunny and spring-feeling.

The day started out with Alex getting up with Lili when she woke up at 5:30. So when Seo and I got up at 8:00 Alex went back to bed~ days off are so great like that...
When he re-woke up Alex made blueberry scones, and David and Ema came over for coffee and scones.After that we planned out what we wanted our garden to be like this year and made a seed order from the Fedco catalog. Eliseo had some gas and got a little back-rub from Auntie Ema. After it was resolved he promptly fell asleep.
While Alex was outside prepping a garden bed for peas, I decided to give Lilikoi a long overdue haircut. I bribed her with binky-time, and tried to work as fast as I could. It seems it is physically impossible for a two year old to stay still, and by the time I put the scissors down I was afraid that I had done some irrevocable damage. I drew her a bubble bath to clean away the itchy hair on her neck. (yes, she is still squeezing in the sink) And Seo got to dip his toes in too. Do you see Lili's toe nail polish? That was a special treat because she is a *big girl* now.
Surprisingly, her hair cut ended up looking really great~ I will have to take some pictures of it tomorrow.


Linda said...

I LOVED reading all about your day! Thanks for letting me get a "peek" into it. Love the footsies shot. Can't wait for the new haircut pics!

Caren said...

Thanks for sharing! I booked the tickets, so there's no stopping me now!