Something very exciting has been stewing in my life the last few months that I have been hesitant to share until it actually happened. And this past week the final steps toward making it a reality have set into motion.

My big news is that I am getting my very own little studio!

I am moving in to our former bath-house where our composting toilet and our washing machine lived up until this week. We and the Carmona's both built indoor bathrooms to house our own personal composting toilets this past month, and David and Alex just moved our washing machine into the Carmona's new utility room. I started moving all of my tubs of untouched art supplies into the new space on Friday. It was exhilarating to open and unearth all of my treasures that have been packed away in storage. Some of them have been boxed up for years, and some only since I moved out of my temporary studio space I had last summer. We moved my art desk out of our crowded upstairs which also opened up a play area for Lili in our house. The bath-house (should I find a new name for it~ Esp. since ironically we never bathed in there???) is the cutest little building. It was the first thing David and Ema built when they moved onto this piece of land~ in fact it was the first thing either of them had EVER built. It is 8 feet by 8 feet, is full of windows, and has nice hardwood flooring.
So now my new studio is all messy and full of all of my supplies~ just waiting for me to set it all up pretty!

Here are some fun things I re found:

Oil paints:
A box of mica chips:
Printmaking stuff:
A bunch of old artwork and half written letters:Encaustic/wax supplies:
And wooden letter type:

{Also, Thank you all for your kind words on my last post. It is amazing to be feeling so up and down and stretched thin~ but simultaneously know that when I am on my *deathbed* these are the days I will cherish above all else. }


chris said...

your own spot for work - how wonderful!! post pictures, please!!

Linda said...

Wow, Kelc!
I can't wait to see it - all set up as your studio. It'll be a fabulous and inspiring place to create art! Yey!