new work

Here are two new small mixed media paintings I made a couple weeks ago. Today is the first day that Alex has gone back to work. I was a little nervous as to how I would juggle the two kids while trying to not overdo it as my body still feels like it is healing. But I have a wonderful pouch sling that Eliseo seems to like being in which allows me free hands while I hold him. And Lili just got invited to play over at the Carmonas~ so it is turning out to be much easier than I anticipated on this first solo day. (knock on wood)
As I scanned in these two paintings I was struck with a pang of reality about how challenging it is going to be to carve out art time in the near future. After I had Lili I didn't paint for over a year. By the end of that time I felt very heartsick for my passion. I am determined that this time will be different. It is my hope that this blog keeps me in check, and I am able to balance motherhood and being an artist gracefully.


Caren said...

I love you, Kelcey, and I trust that your artistic vision will find a way to stay active and alive. I will keep asking you if you're making art! In the mean time, it's the art of breathing in that sweet scent of newness, and kissing tiny fingers and toes, of finding a nursing rhythm and doing a lot of laundry. Let this be your art, and let this art feed your painting, when you get back to it (soon, I'm sure!)

Susan Sager Brown said...

I love what you wrote on "day 3". and I really like what Caren just said. And these new pieces are truly lovely. You will do what you need to do when you need to do it, I can just tell. xoSusan