I would like to thank everyone for all of the love, prayers, and well wishes that have flooded in over this last week. To know that our family members created beautiful alters for us, and complete strangers are taking the time to let us know how happy they are for us, and neighbors are making dinners each night, and loved ones are calling and emailing... we just feel encircled with love.

thank you.

I have been asked certain questions a few times and thought I could answer some perhaps.
#1. How do you pronounce Eliseo, and where did the name come from?
The name is pronounced L-E-Say-O and he is named after his biological grandfathers (although he also lucky enough to have two other wonderful grandfathers, Randy and Paul). Alex's Father is Eliseo (he also goes by Alex) and Dane is my Father. We just found out today that Eliseo is the Hispanic version of Elijah.
#2. You had an OB at your home birth?
Yes, I am really lucky and happy to have had a very unique doctor be our care provider(I would guess there are very few doctors who do home births in this country, if at all?). David and his wonderful apprentice Jenn only do home births. We went to his office for all of the prenatals, and then they came to us for the birth and postpartum visits. They were a great team, and I felt supported and safe.
#3. Does Eliseo have the Carmona toe???
Now, I am still unclear as to what the Carmona toe entails, but I have been assured that both my children posses this famous Carmona big toe. I have been told it is more than just the size, but I have yet to understand exactly what requirements you need to fit into this club. And here is a side view of this toe:#4. Who does he look like?
I have no idea. I see a little bit of cousin Gita, and a little bit of my Dad. Everyone always sees something different you know? A lot of the neighbors say he looks like Alex. All I know is he is a peanut, he has my dimples, and he changes every day.
#5. And lastly, everyone wants to know how Lilikoi is taking it all.
She is doing really well all things considered. She LOVES baby brother, and seems to harbor no ill will whatsoever toward him. She has been a tad bit challenging these past few days, but she is also two, and there were challenging days way before the baby came along. We are doing our best to deflect any of the frustrating parts of her day on things other than the baby, so hopefully she will not resent his arrival. Lots of gifts and special attention has been heaped on her by friends and family which is very thoughtful. Aunt Becca took her for an all day date today which was so sweet. I miss her, and can't wait to hear what they did.


Linda said...

Thank you SO much for the informative post, Kelcey! Now I don't feel I have to talk to you quite as soon as I've wanted. ...Trying to give you and your new little family lots of space to adjust and bask in the love light of this birth. Lili and I skyped today and no mention was made of Seo so I didn't either. She seemed as happy as ever! Blessings to you!

artype said...

Reading your blog always feels like a blessing. Love to you all.