day 3

day three.
the day when the colostrum turns to milk, and in turn my breasts swell to unripe grapefruits. the day when the hormones seem to rise as well, and tears can well up for no apparent reason.

there is a let down after months and months of being pregnant and wondering who and what your baby will be like, and the high of the birth. at the same time there is a relief and a thanksgiving that this anticipation is over...
It is all still so new, and yet the newness slipping away feels tangible too.
the nursing becomes more confident.
and the softness becomes more familiar.

and you just stareand stare.you are at the cusp of remembering so clearly how it felt when this little one was curled inside you, and you were bound together so intricately.
the other side ~your mother and son relationship~ stretches before you, daunting and beautiful.and you so clearly feel the pain and joy of your heart expanding yet again.


Linda said...

What a beautiful post, Kelcey! Did you know that little Seo has your bottom lip? I'd forgotten about it until I saw the photos ... I loved that little baby lip of yours and it's precious curve. I just stare and stare at the pictures - and can't imagine the overwhelming feelings of being there in person and getting to hold this little cherub. So sweet. Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

thanks for your blog. i am excited to follow it as we are expecting in August and have a 18 mo old. We are a bit nervous to see how it unfolds and just getting used to the idea (a little.) Thank you for sharing, he is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Kelcey, what a beautiful post! This is such a magical time that you are in, and I know that you are savoring it. Thanks for letting us savor it a little too. I'm with your mom, I just keep staring at these beautiful pictures of your sweet son. Your SON! I'm so so happy for you, and can't wait to talk when the time is right. So much love,