I have finally added some of my art pendants to my shop!

Yesterday I had a little photo shoot in the living room. It took forever, and 500 photos later I still don't love how the images came out. The combination of my point and shoot camera and my amateur photography skills presented a big challenge when shooting something so small and reflective. Some of them came out looking more washed out or grainy than I was hoping for. But, overall I feel like it is a noble start.
The backs of the new pendants:
And introducing my Valentine pendant design:
In the day to day news:

{I am starting to get a lot more braxton hicks contractions.}
{Lili and I took a walk in the slush today. She talked my ear off.}
{Alex has some exciting and steady work on the horizon.}
{We got Lili a new fuzzy purple blanket for her bed.}
{Tomorrow I am going to put the baby clothes in the dresser.}
{ ♥ }

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Caren said...

Ooo la la! I love the pendants and I love the baby news! And yeah for good work for Alex!