birth day

I wanted to write a quick post to let you all know that my water broke this morning, and we are anticipating that baby brother will be born today. I am in a strange place where the contractions are mild (enough to write a blog post for example) and yet I know that shortly I will be in one of the most intense places of my life. Things were pretty jittery this morning as Alex and I tried to get the house ready and clean for the birth. But, now Lili is happily playing next door and Alex is blowing up the birth pool. It is a gorgeous sunny day~ not a blizzard in sight. God's one little joke on me this morning is that one of our goats might also be in labor as well~ and if that happens it could be a little interesting!
I am feeling as ready as one can feel for this sort of adventure.
Please send any loving prayers our way today, and we will see you on the other side!


chris said...

o boy! o boy! o boy! how excited you must be!!!
sending prayers & good vibes from new hampshire!!!!

Anonymous said...

We will keep you in our hearts, as always, but especially today. Welcome, welcome, welcome to our new child!!!

We love you all dearly.
Ken and Nancy

Jane said...

WOW, so soon! come on baby brother, good luck and I hope he comes before any snow

wildviolets said...

Oh my goodness, we will be thinking of you all today and keeping you in our prayers. We welcome your precious little boy with love and peace.

Gypsy at Heart said...

My dear, precious Kelcey. I ran home and set up the birthing alter and lit the candles. I also have a virtual candle going on my iPhone under all the family pictures I have here at work! Well, actually, it's a virtual zippo lighter...but it has a butterfly on it;) Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait for that awesome phone call!
Love and blessings to you and my middle little boy on this very special day.

Caren said...

I am thinking of you all, and sending up prayers for a safe and healthy birth. Welcome, welcome, little one! You are so very much wanted, on this day and always!

Daisie said...

Thinking of you all and sending you my love xxx

Kat said...

Blessings, health, smiles... I'll be thinking of you all!!!

Lindsey said...

SOOOO excited for you, Kec! Praying for you and Alex today!