one month

It is so hard to quantify a child's age emotionally. It is easy to say that Eliseo is a month old exactly today~ but is that a lot or a little? Of course it is a little, but he is already so embedded and important in our lives... and I feel a bit achy when I think about him already being 4 weeks old... so in those respects he feels so much older than one month.
And now Lili seems SO big, but I guarantee I will look back when she is a teenager on this time and she will seem so tiny. My mind could spin around this for a long time, but I am typing one handed (fussy baby in the other) and I definitely should go to bed.
Perhaps tomorrow I will be able to carve out some time to tell some adventure stories. ♥


Daisie said...

Time really does fly by too fast. Your little man is so beautiful! Seb is now 24 weeks old, it seems like no time at all since he arrived in our lives but equally like he has always been here.

Mandy said...

That month sure seemed to fly by! I can't wait to meet him in person...love to you all!