Big Crafty

This past Sunday was the Holiday Big Crafty, and as always it was great fun!!!

It is such a wonderful and creative fair, and I felt lucky participate again this year. Here it is Thursday though, and I am still recouping and getting our house back in order from the bustle of getting ready and the social intensity of the fair.
My booth looked awesome this time, just really nice. I filled my antique printers box with black beans to display my earrings. The ornaments were arranged in my wooden cupboard. And one door displayed the pendants, and the other had my original paintings. Ema surprised me with an incredibly cute sweet mess banner for an early Christmas present. It all looked tight, well stocked, and pretty. I made a ton of sales and had a lot of great conversations.
I forgot my camera at home :( but I drew this picture of my table to give you an idea of what it looked like.

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Anonymous said...

yes, your booth did look fabulous. enjoyed visiting with you.