Alex finished installing our woodstove which has been awesome!!!

but the real star of this picture is Eliseo's thighs... right???


Daisie said...

Oh yes, warmth is good but those thighs are just delicious! x

Erin said...

Oh how I wish I could just eat those little rolls up! They make Ellie's look so tiny. And yahoo for heat!

Kathleen said...

How come it's so cute on a baby, but not so much on a grandma....bearing in mind that none of his g-maws have thighs quite like that;) Num-Num!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for wood heat and sweet thighs! I'm still basking in our conversation yesterday. Thanks so much for sharing your heart with me.

Linda said...

NeNe: I think Seo has what are called the Francisco Thunder Thighs... which unfortunately stem from this g-maw's genetic stock.
KK: He's absolutely adorable!

Mandy said...

Lilah is getting the Francisco Thunder Thighs too...I just noticed it the other day! Totally cute on a babe, but no so much on her mama!