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I had some time in the studio last Sunday, and it was wonderful. The studio itself is in a terrible chaotic state~ with unpacked boxes from the craft fair and shipping supplies all piled on top of each other. But I tidied up my work desk, and ignored everything else around me, and went to work. I made a few  4" x 4" collage paintings and finished an 8" x 8" painting that I have been working on for awhile.
This painting had been taking on a completely different direction before this, but then when I set it in front of me it suggested the anatomical heart that I had illustrated a couple of months ago to be incorporated into it (This little illustration was just pinned to the wall waiting). Sometimes it happens like that where it really feels like a painting talks to me. Sometimes they demand even. Sometimes they are suggestive and open to alternative endings. Sometimes they are silent. And this painting seemed to like the idea of the heart being the main focus. Usually the layers of my paintings blend together, but the only stipulation this painting gave was that the heart was to float above the rest of the painting like so. And so it was. And while the snowflakes swirled outside, I glued and drew and dreamed...
Flowering Heart
8" x 8" x 1.75"
acrylic paint, ink, pen, antique and decorative papers, glue, archival varnish
For Sale

{Thank you all so much for your input and thoughtful words about my last post. Just reading them made me feel 100% better about my confusion. For now I think I will just put all of my time and energy into making this blog as perfectly me as possible, and save worrying about being professional for some other day...}


Anonymous said...

Well Kelcey, for me, the beauty of your blog is watching how you balance all of your selves. I wonder at your art, the process, the collaboration you feel with the work itself. And I wonder at your love and commitment to your husband, children, and extended family. I don't see you as two entities, but as a whole woman expressing herself, loving herself and those around her, and working through life's challenges. I hope you keep sharing these touching glimpses into your life and into your art. I think it is what makes your blog so utterly splendid.

Nancy in NH

Anonymous said...

i do so love the flowering heart...as well as your other work...and i also love the way both your art and parenting/life interact and interplay in this space...it is inspiring to witness your creations (including your beautiful children)... your pressence (as an artist and mama including all of the challenges and joys that presents) is a great inspiration to those of us mamas who desire to cultivate our own creativity in the midst of it all:).. i continue to be thankful for witnessing your path through it...and the beauty that emerges...peace and gratitude in this festive season.