Some Holiday snipets...

  1.  7:00 AM Christmas morning: Lilikoi breaking into the sweater stocking I made for her.
  2. Bread Alex made for Velija. My favorite was the olive loaf.
  3. 8:00 AM Christmas morning: Alex making orange chocolate chip scones. (Check it out, all his hair is gone!)
  4. 8:15 AM Christmas morning: The kids wait anxiously to go next door and wake up the rest of the family (except Papa Dane. He was there to watch the stockings being opened.)
  5. Neighborhood Cheesy Christmas party
  6. Look at that face... new red cowgirl boots for her.
  7. and a hat (and a pink tutu, and a handmade hobby horse) to match...
  8. Dress ups from Auntie Becca
  9. Papa Dane and Amy read Lilikoi a new book
  10. Eliseo's first Christmas present

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Anonymous said...

Love, love, love your family. Miss you lots. Happy New Year!

Nancy in NH