diy advent calendar

I stayed up until two in the morning one night making this advent calender. They are felt pockets mostly held together by hot glue, and strung from the ceiling (so no little hands can touch them). Each pouch has 6 m&ms and a little note. It isn't an exact sort of thing. For example, there are 2 days until Christmas and we have four left (???). And Lil can't read yet, so when we open it up and the note says to make something incredibly messy on a day that isn't flowing for us, I make something else up. Like "Oh! it says we need to read a Holiday story together!"
I had envisioned taking on some more meaningful family things this season~ like visiting a nursing home for example... but I haven't been able to pull it together.  The advent calander has been a sweet reminder each day to honor this time together. I am doing a pretty good job of letting go of how our home isn't tidy and all decorated etc, and I haven't done all the projects I dreamed of doing. We are just doing what feels right and do-able for that moment and for that day. It has been good.
Also, you wouldn't believe the thrill of three m&ms...
One of my more ambitious days:
We took up the rug and made potato print wrapping paper the other day. The kids were beside themselves with excitement.  I was smart and drew a bath before we started the project. :)
 I hope wherever you are that you are enjoying what really matters to you!


chris said...

i love the advent calendar. it must be so exciting for the kids to open one every day. my daughter made potato print wrapping paper in 1983. i still use a piece of it to wrap one of her presents every christmas. don't you just love the simple things? merry christmas to you and your family, kelcey!

Mandy said...

Gosh, it's just so hard to settle down and "let things go" sometimes! I really like the simple advent calendar...I have been dreaming of one made of little knit mittens and stockings...someday maybe I'll learn how to knit. In the meantime, we have a Lego Star Wars Advent calendar that has been a nightmare almost every day! Sharing something that cool is apparently very hard to do. *sigh* At least we do it together as a family...
Missing you lots! Hope your Christmas is wonderful!
Love and Hugs to all.

Frivolitea said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!