Velija 2011

A big bowl of bread Alex made for our annual neighborhood Velija celebration on that we have on Solstice.  My favorite was the olive loaf.  
The rye bread was also very tasty. In fact, they were all delicious. As was the whole meal. There is something magical about having a tradition~ even if the tradition is altered heavily from it's origin.

(Okay, I just googled last year's post about our tradition to give a link, and here is what I said: "Bread Alex made for Velija. My favorite was the olive loaf." So, Yep. I guess I am THAT predictable...)

Moving on.

Here's to the dream that 2012 is the year we build our outdoor bread oven! 


wildviolets said...

Wow, it all looks delicious!!

Mandy said...

How lucky you are to have a baker in the house! so yummy!

an outdoor oven is on our "list" as well, but probably not 2012. *sigh*
...at least it's written down.

All the best to you in the new year!