crafty weekend wrap-up

Ahhh... The Big Crafty... As always, I got swept up in the day and forgot to take better pictures of the event & my booth. At least I got these shots right as the show was about to begin.

And this photo of Alex setting up our booth (and my sister's booth in another photo) was in a local online paper. 
I was given an amazing location that was in the center of the action, but with a little more space around and in front of me than some other booths. I felt really lucky and grateful for that. When it got crazy and crowded during the day my booth never felt claustrophobic like a lot of other locations.

We had the chance to see some old friends and repeat customers (thank you!!!) and meet some new folks as well. Although with it being so hectic and crowded, this show does not lend itself to meeting people. All in all it was a wonderful, wonderful day. I ♥ The Big Crafty.
Alex also represented Sweet Mess Art at the Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa this weekend. Here he is leaving our driveway on the way to the show. I wish I could have been there, but it was too much to bring the kids.  
Overall a great weekend. 


Linda said...

Whew! Phew! is right! You are really getting yourself out there and working so hard. Some of it reminds me of "back in the day" oh so long ago.... Doing craft fairs is SO much work and so exhausting, yet so rewarding. (Usually!)
Love you xxooo

Anonymous said...

You are my wonder woman hero mama, and Alex is definitely super man. So proud of you guys!


Mandy said...

Amazing teamwork!! I hope things continue to go well. Miss you all!