catching up

Seo and the giant mountain of laundry (at least it is clean) on our bed. 

I had visions of the day after our big show weekend being a sweet family day.
In my imagination the kids would be so grateful to finally have our full attention and the day would be spent just the four of us, cuddling, and playing, and maybe even picking out a tree for the holidays.
BUT... for some reason it just didn't turn out like that. The kids didn't seem grateful to have us back, they seemed frustrated and whiny, and cry-ey~ particularly Seo.  Despite our best efforts to make it fun, it was a challenge. At dinnertime Alex and I clung to each other hugged and just shook our heads in wonderment at the day. I wouldn't trade being their Mom for a second, but there are certainly days and moments where it just. feels. difficult.

Days like this are good lessons in letting go of expectations, you know?

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cheryl.mccann said...

looks like a really great craft show. i also am learning lessons in letting go of expectations. :)