Lili had her first kid sleepover this past weekend with her cousin Gita. Gita read both of my kids a book in her bedroom before Seo was shooed out so the sleepover could start. Gita has a little loft bedroom just like Lili, isn't it cute?

Other exciting things that happened this past weekend:
* Lili locked our keys in the car by accident and we couldn't find the spare. Eventually, Alex broke into our car (with no damage) like a pro.
* I saw two bears (in separate places) as I was driving on our road!!!
* It was the tail end of my mother's visit, so we had lots of great family time. ♥


Adam said...

Oh, yes! Oh, no! The Gruffalo!

That's a fun book.

Linda said...

Sounds like a lot of excitement after I left!