To Thy Own Self Be True
Kelcey Loomer
6" x 6"
Alex and I discovered this morning that approximately half of the last batch of resined prints we made have formed thumb size air pockets under the print. It was a glue malfunction (The glue didn't malfunction, it is the way we applied the quick drying glue actually) that caused it.
So now we have 15 un-sell able prints and an estimated 15 to 20 prints that we have sold in the last month with this problem.  Um, yeah, that stinks.

So I had a mini breakdown. I told Alex I want to give up. He said "Making the resin prints?"
and I said "No, owning our own business... being an artist...I am a FAILURE."
He said, "I am not even going to respond to that".
So I shed a few tears.

After a few minutes I was able to voice my frustration and embarrassment and pull myself together. I only want to put out the highest quality products, so it is a big deal to me to have sold something faulty. But whenever something like this happens I console myself by thinking of much larger mistakes like carseat or even car recalls. Those are big deals. What I am dealing with is a small deal in comparison.  You know?

So anyhow, if this has happened to a print you bought from me please please contact me and I will make it right!

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