making sour pickles

Alex and I made pickles from the cucumbers in our garden this week.  We soaked them in our cold water overnight, and then hodge-podged a recipe up in the morning. We settled on a sour pickle that ferments rather than the vinegar type preservation.
Here is a neat link to a sour recipe: http://www.wildfermentation.com/making-sour-pickles-2/
I didn't read this recipe until after we made ours. If I had, I would have added some of our grape or oak tree leaves because that sounds interesting!
 We don't have much fridge space, so we are considering keeping them submerged in the water near our spring head. The water there is colder than the fridge. I hope it all works!

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wildviolets said...

Look delicious! Made some last year, but not any this summer. So nice to see you the other day!