new work : new show this weekend

The Air Was Aflutter
Kelcey Loomer 
6" x 6" 
Paper, acrylic, epoxy resin, glue, ink

I have been painting in my studio a lot... It has been painting all day long, computer work and Olympics at night.  It has been fun to share the experience with the kids. I don't know about you, but I have been staying up way too late watching the Olympics

I have also made some exciting leaps and bounds personally/artistically the last few weeks which feels good. There have been some major mess ups too (like messing up the finishing coat of a painting I had already spent 30+ hours on. Oops.) We are doing a show in Biltmore Village (Asheville) this coming weekend. It will be all art and no jewelry. I am looking forward to seeing everything I have been working hard on all together in one place!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work!

Michelle Schneider said...

it's so beautiful! i love that you pull directly from nature. i'd love to see this one up close in real life. :) hope your show goes well!

Linda said...

Good luck at the show!
So fun to see you painting again ...
wish the show were still up for my visit.
I hope you sell everything 'tho - even if it means that I won't view the work in person!

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...