milk teeth

Remember when Lili was itty-bitty and only had two teeth and was a drool machine? 
Here we are five years later, and she has lost those very same teeth.
They have been wiggly for weeks, and reeeeallly wiggly for a few days, and then her bigger (and much adored) cousin assisted her in removing the first one. They were playing upstairs when after much whispering Lili called down to me asking for an apple. After my "no" answer she whined down to me "But I really want an apple to take out my tooth!!!"
More whispering.
And five minutes later she gleefully calls down that she lost her tooth! When I ask how she did it she proudly says that Gita did it. Gita shrugged with a pleased smile and said "I know how to get teeth out" and Lili looked over to her, her tooth on the palm of her hand, and beamed.
Later in the evening the kids spot Alex's truck coming up the drive. Lil is practically jumping out of her skin she is so excited to show him the big news. Pacing next to me at the sink she waited for me to dry my hands and hand over the little tooth that had been carefully placed on the windowsill.
As Alex sat down in our entryway to remove his boots Lili came at him with her hands outstretched, presenting her prize. And then in a moment of chaos Seo bumped into her and the little tooth went flying into the abyss of our mudroom.
Yep, that happened.
So there we all were for fifteen minutes combing through every pebble and wood chip and scanning the floor for any sign of the tooth. When we broke the news that it wasn't looking promising to Lil she immediately  got out her markers and started a detailed picture to explain the dire situation to the tooth fairy.
Long after we had given up, Alex opened his leftovers from his lunch bag only to find her tooth sitting innocently inside. She squealed and promptly crumpled up her note.   :)

Here is a short video of the exciting thing that happened next! 
Good times!


Liz said...

Wow! How fun and funny! Great documentation of a sweet milestone.

Cindy said...

What a riot! Great job telling the story! Fun way to remember this day! She sure is growing up! And so glad she got to have her "sleep over" with Clara last weekend! :)

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

oh my goodness kelcey she is ADORABLE!! of course you can see your kids are gorgeous but when you see them on video you realise how much! fab post! xxx

chris said...

oh, how grand that you have this Big Day documented in such wonderful detail!! Lili will love having these accounts to look back on - and I bet you will, too!!