visual art journals

some of my visual art journals on the bookshelf in my studio. 
I thought it would be fun to start going back through some of my older journals and documenting, and in turn showing you, some of my older book art work. One of my favorite collections comes from my red journal; like this page that I painted after a night of star watching in a big field. My favorite part is the way the two people are enveloped in a white cocoon.
visual art journal :: kelcey loomer 
More soon! 


Ingrid said...

Your post inspired me to get out some older journals and have a reunion of sorts with my former selves. Always a fun visit to your blog, xo

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

oh that's brilliant, i love the bird in the tree

Jenny said...

I love the look of those journals all in a row. The bindings alone feel full of life and adventure . . . and I spy Sue Bender's 'Plain and Simple' . . . I love that book.

Sweet Mess said...

It has been fun to get them off the shelf and dust them off~ it has been inspiring me as well! ***and yep, that is the plain and simple journal! I can't believe you were able to spot that Jenny!