jellyfish that live at the Fort Fisher Aquarium 
Alex and Seo (and several of the Carmonas) were taken down by a stomach bug right at the tail end of our vacation. It is gross and I am trying my best to keep those of us still standing, well, standing. Truthfully though, every time I think about it I start to feel queasy.
So instead I will show you something pretty. We took the kids to the aquarium while we were at the beach. They loved it, although their attention span was tiny compared to how long I wanted to sit and watch some of the animals move in the water. The tanks of sea-life look like gigantic abstract paintings to me, and my heart skips a beat at the enigma of it all.


Linda said...

We recently saw Life of Pi and I loved the jellyfish scene ... really magical.
In person would be even better!

Ingrid said...

when I first clicked on your blog I was certain this was one of your paintings- those milky white forms are exquisite!

Sweet Mess said...

Yes, the jellyfish were so incredible. I loved their translucence. Thanks for taking the time to comment and say hi!