working on photos

I spent the day working on some new product photography. I am happy with the direction they are heading... but goodness,  I feel like product photography might do me in. My newest method of photography involves taping a piece of white tissue paper to a sunshiny window. In the shadow of the tissue paper I set up a little jewelry scene and pull out my camera. Set it to Auto and start clicking away- crossing my fingers at least one of every design works.
I have the smallest hands of almost any adult I have ever met, and yet my fingers feel like sausages trying to adjust the tiny little ear-wires in the right direction. I feel so clumsy! 

I am sure I will continue to improve on my photos in the future, but I am feeling good about them tonight! 
little bee earrings  :: seed & sky
zinnia flower earrings :: seed & sky


Liz said...

Very successful photos! I'd say you've got this down! Bright, clear, professional and informative. Good job!

Jenny said...

These turned out lovely. I never thought to tape tissue paper to the window to filter light - genius.