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I adventured 3.5 hours to Durham NC this past weekend to vend at the Rock & Shop Market. We did well and I met tons of really sweet people~ Durham is totally awesome if you haven't gotten the chance to check it out!

It was our first market of the season, and it felt nice to be around the fresh energy of a show again. It is inspiring to connect with my customers and meet other artists.

In general I am an introvert, and one of the challenges of shows for me is being extroverted. I can be a bit socially awkward at times, especially in big crowds, and at least a few times every show I am cringing on the inside when I hear myself nervously stumbling through a conversation.  I feel confident talking with customers about my favorite part: the art, it's just all the other parts of being a salesperson that get me occasionally tongue-tied. So I was a little nervous going into this show because I have working away in the studio like a hermit the past few months, but I feel like I did well.

I have been working on some new display touches for our booth too. We got a lot of nice compliments on it.
Other great parts about the weekend:
  • Time to think and listen to whatever music I wanted to in the 7 hours in a car by myself .
  • Getting to stop into a coffee shop without my kiddos in tow. 
  • Having a sleepover at my dear friends' house and the delicious meals they fed me. 

And now I am home again, drinking our mountain water and listen to the birds and peepers (!!!) in the evening as they start to fill our woods again...

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Jenny said...

I used to live in Chapel Hill and my aunt and uncle lived in Durham. I miss that area of the country - so beautiful.

I love the necklaces displayed on the book cover.