playing around on photoshop :: my photo of a trillium

  • My dad woke up at five and began the 17 hour drive back to his home in NH. 
  • I served buttery grits and over-medium fried eggs for breakfast. It did not go over well with the kids. They refused to eat it.
  • The car was filled with giveaway for the goodwill and we couldn't find Lili's penny whistle for school. Things got crazy and by the time I dropped her off at school she was 20 mins late (not a big deal, but still....)
  • Seo and I had fun grocery shopping. I let him walk instead of riding in the cart. That made him happy.
  • Saw a mom being horribly mean and physical with her toddler daughter in the grocery store. Made me tear up. Seo said "Mom cry? Mom, it okay." *hug*
  • Got to see the new baby goats when we picked Lil up from her farm school. So cute! 
  • Kids watch a movie while we have a work meeting. 
  • News about Boston~ thinking of my friends there. Anxious. Saddened. 
  • News of 30 Afghans killed during a wedding by US. Always feel deep sadness and frustration over news like this. 
  • Eat tostadas topped with the very first asparagus from our garden (!!!) for dinner. 
  • 7:00 kids asleep.

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Jenny said...

I hear ya on the one about the 30 Afghans killed. It's so awful and sadly those stories often go unnoticed.