humpback whale

humpback whale :: kelcey loomer
I am working on a new jewelry project with this illustration. Stay tuned!


Grace said...

I'm working on some marine life illustrations, too! (Making a set of go-fish cards for my little guy.) On a side note- I have a technical question for you. What type of scanner do you use and are you happy with it?I'm starting to look for a high quality scanner to attempt turning my illustration work into more of a business. There are so many options, so I thought I'd ask someone more seasoned!

Sweet Mess said...

Hi Grace!
I use a camera and take photos of my artwork instead of a scanner, so I am not an expert in this area. However you want to make sure whatever scanner you have can scan your image at a high resolution (something like 600 dots per inch dpi would be good).

I crop, edit, and adjust the contrast and exposure on photoshop or using the "curves" on picmonkey photo editing site. Flash cards sounds so fun. Make sure to send me a link ( kelceyloomer@hotmail.com ) when you finish them, I'd love to see them!

Jane George said...

this is beautiful xxxx