an oldie but goodie.

I was looking through some old photos today and found this gem. 

During those awkward junior high years what was I doing? Well, I was riding in a unicycling team called the Andover One Wheelers. In this photo we had rented tuxedos (only time in my life I ever worn a top hat, bow tie, or cumber-bun ) to videotape our routine and apply for the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. We got in.
I hope someday I am better known for my artwork, but to date my big claim to fame (along with my sister and best friends) is riding a unicycle in the Macy's parade right behind Joey Lawerence.  Circa 1992. 


Scott A said...

Lindsey reflects often on how famous she is because of this same accomplishment...although I think you should have put some of this footage in your blog as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fX_xi8Db--A

chris said...

You all came to my school once and rode in our multipurpose room. I was in total awe of the fact that that many kids could do something that difficult SO well. I remember thinking, as a teacher, that if a kids could develop the stamina and effort to learn to ride a unicycle, they could probably do anything else they set their minds to! Please tell Scott I enjoyed the video immensely! And, on a related note, I got a bicycle for Christmas. Wish me luck!

Erin said...

Oh the memories. I think I still have that signed autograph from Joey Lawrence around here somewhere!