a string of random inspiration above my studio desk.  from left to right:

  • vintage postcard collection of the sea.
  • doodle I made and then cut apart. the word Saudades written down (given to me by close friend).
  • A little collage made by dear friend Becca Johnson
  • A small print of one of my favorite paintings to keep me on track. 
  • $20 dollars that I found in a card my grandma Lee had given me a long time ago. I can't bear to spend it on something trival, so there is hangs. 
  • Another doodle.


Mandy said...

Was there also a stick of gum in that card from grandma lee? I recently found $1(I'm a little jealous of you $20! ;) ) and a crumbly stick of wrigglys spearmint gum in a card! What emotions...I also opened a container of buttons from her house, and the smell almost brought me to tears...

Sweet Mess said...

Mandy, I always got $1 and a stick of gum too, and I found a piece of gum in one of my cards too!
This money was in my college graduation card. I recently opened a suitcase from their house and had the same experience too... miss you!