In the guest bedroom at my Mom's where we slept last night there is a drawer filled with her letters. Many are from me, and I went through it briefly today and found myself inspired and a tad bit jealous of my former prolific letter writing self. Here are a couple:


Erin said...

I have many of the same kind of letters from you... but now we can look at your plorific blogging skills :-)

babyjenks said...

yup, i have lots of those letter tucked away in a box somewhere too. i do love them. i used to write more too.

hey - are you going to be coming through boston on your way south? let me know if you have an iota of time to visit, i would love to see you all and of course jump at the chance to kiss that little tropical baby of yours!

email me - babyjenks9@gmail.com

Anonymous said...


You are not going to believe this but i am typing this at the desk in our house. Thats right baby the carloomers have DSL.
Your blog is totally awesome. Great picture on top the homes look good in cyber space!
Love David

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a treasure trove! I too have many of your letters tucked away in various boxes. Someday, when I have a house and my life is organized (does this ever really happen???) all your letters will be in a drawer.