let's get down to the nitty gritty- let's get this show on the road

Well, we have arrived in New Hampshire safe and sound. While it would normally take us 17 hours to get from NC to NH with a baby it took us only two extra hours. Lilikoi rocked the road trip thanks to her personal entertainer- Alex. I would notice that people passing us would be rubber-necking to see Alex's goofy faces and dances in the backseat as he tried to keep Lili happy. The dog puppet Nene gave her made his debut this road trip and was met with squeals and giggles.
The reason that Alex was in that back and I was driving solo is because on Friday Alex ran his thumb through the tablesaw at work. He had to go immediately to the emergency room where he said they peeled open his thumb like a banana to clean it, took X-rays, and then stitched him up with 8 stitches. The good news is that he didn't hit any bone and didn't have to have surgery. So he was on some pretty heavy painkillers, hence, him in the backseat, me driving. He is doing better now and has been a trooper about it all, even trying to change diapers one handed.

We came up to NH for my dear old friend Adam's wedding which is this coming weekend. Aside from the killer mosquitoes it is a beautiful time to visit New England. The lilacs are all in bloom and smell amazing. Last night we heard our first loon on the lake. And all of my family and friends who live here are all in such good moods now that the snow has finally melted. Both of my parents are doing major renovations of their houses (Paul my step dad is actually the carpenter of both projects!) and they look amazing. Paul and Mom are in the Sheetrock stage in their house on the lake. They have mostly done it all themselves and it is beautiful. They have added a second story on, and artfully made the place feel big inside and look small from the outside. Dad and Amy have done countless things including a new bathroom upstairs with a walk in shower, ripping out the downstairs bathroom and expanding the kitchen. redoing and adding wood floors, new bookshelves... basically the place looks spiffed up all over. He even threw out his TV from the 70's that cut peoples' heads off and bought a flat screen TV. It is just fun to see all of the new changes.


Anonymous said...

"...Alex's goofy faces and dances in the back seat."

Result of:

a) "...he tried to keep Lili happy."


b) "...he was on some pretty heavy painkillers."

Perhaps a combination of both? Or are you covering for him, Kelcey?

babyjenks said...

are you heading back home already?
i bet adam's wedding was wonderful!

talk to you soon and i hope alex heals quickly!

much love,

Five Carmonas said...

So glad to hear you all made it safe and sound! We miss you already!....lavagirl, bartman, puperbaby.....

Erin said...

yeah NH Spring! Say "hi" to everyone for me! I can't imagine the changes at your dad's house... wow! Enjoy your time and give lots of NH hugs for me!