Strange sighting

So last night around sunset I went onto my Dad's porch and out of the corner of my eye saw something in the lawn below. Shading my eyes from the sun I tried to figure out what it was curled up in the middle of the short grass... fox? neighbor's cat? some strange unidentifiable animal? Much to my amazement it seemed like it WAS a fox.
My first reaction was- how lucky!

then- how beautiful!

then- how weird!

then-something isn't right, fox don't sleep in lawns in the daylight.

I called Dad, Amy, Lilikoi, and Alex onto the porch and we watched it get up and look at us warily and then return to it's curled up position again.

Was it Rabid? Sick? Old and lost it's mind?

Amy called the town dispatcher to see if a fish and game warden was on duty but none were available. So they sent the town police officer who rolled up about 15 Min's later and told me to go inside with the baby because he was going to try to get close enough and shoot it with his hand pistol. I went inside and paced the living room. It just seemed such a sad ending to what seemed so special and unique in the beginning. But no shot came because the fox moved into the woods before he got close enough. The officer left saying to give him a call if it returned. He didn't seem to be too concerned with a possible rabid fox roaming the area. But honestly that fox looked like he didn't have much left in it anyway.

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Five Carmonas said...

Strange sighting?
How about this for a strange sighting.....me...your living room...connected to the internet...dsl baby! we got it!
We have the modem hooked up in our house and get an "excellent" signal, over here, we get a "very good" signal! how 'bout them apples?!?
so very excited but missing you dearly.....Ema