Adam & Elizabeth's Wedding

This past weekend was my dear friend Adam's wedding to his love, Elizabeth...We drove up to Burlington (2 1/2 hour drive Northwest) the night before the wedding to a camp we rented for the weekend. The house was straight from the seventies and was right on the water. From inside you could look across Lake Champlain to NY state and you could hear the waves lapping at the shore. Mom, Paul, Becca, Dave, Alex, Lili, and I (Dad and Amy joined us the next night) all huddled around eating some killer burritos we whipped up in the kitchen- we were huddling because it was only in the 50's inside. We decided to light a fire and somehow got the flu all backwards and filled the house up with smoke- (aside from this public admittance we will not tell...) However, once the house aired and we were a little warmer from all of the exercise of fanning out the smoke, and the adrenaline of the alarm going off, we sat around the now working fire, and had some good laughs.


The wedding ceremony was on a balcony overlooking the lake, and it was classic, touching, and short and sweet. It took place a little before sunset and the light was glowing and glistening off the water. Lili was wearing a purple sparkly dress and tights that were bunchy around the ankles, and was so happy during the ceremony we had to keep hushing her shrieks of glee.

Adam looked very handsome, and Elizabeth looked very beautiful. It was obvious that they had put a lot of time and energy into the little details to make the whole event special. The big twist and great surprise to me was that the whole affair took place at a small science museum/aquarium. (www.echovermont.org/) It was very unique and fun to party amongst giant fish and science exhibits.
There is this little part of me (and a very selfish part at that) that is mourning the loss of the friendship that Adam and I have had all these years while he has been single. Being single he always seemed to find so much time and energy to be one of the most proactive and dedicated of friends. Ultimately though, I have been praying for years that he would fall in love with someone who would appreciate all of his quirky beauty, and now he has. It felt like a letting go for me to see him waiting for Elizabeth to show up in her wedding dress and take their vows. In what feels like a completely different lifetime (high school to be exact) Adam was my first true love. Our love has morphed over the last 12 years into a deep friendship that has been a source of steadiness for me. It was 95% very beautiful and heartwarming to see my dear old friend fall in love and get married, and 5% a little bittersweet feeling like our friendship will take a new direction as he is starting a new family. I guess I always feel this at weddings of close friends and now that I am saying it out loud it seems a little weird. But, that's the sentiment. Mostly happy for them, laced with a twinge of sadness for what will be left behind. Of course, now there is a new opportunity for a whole new aspect of our friendship to blossom.


sirleito said...

lindo blog, entra en este


Erin said...

I got goose bumps thinking back to the those fall days in HS and thinking about you and Adam. I think your feelings are very real for many people as they watch friends get married. Thanks for those memories of HS and friendships with Adam and many others. It looked like a beautiful day for the both of them.

CT said...

Thanks for illustrating Adam's special day. It looks like a TON of fun. The fox story is so similar to my first Moose sighting in Andover.
Love you dearly,

jeffn said...

Adam is a good and loyal friend.