Fancy Schmancy.

Last night we drove 1 1/2 hours to Madison county to attend a party. The invite said the dress was "business casual we got dressed up and made the trek (me in my black boots, and Alex in a borrowed shirt of Dave's). The party I am speaking of was the grand showing of Southern Living Magazine's Idea house in Whisper Mountain. Whisper Mountain is one of the many gated communities popping up in the high hills of western NC (they don't seem be affected by the housing crisis for some reason).
Each issue of Southern Living they showcase a different house or two. They have pictures of the interior, exterior and the gardens, and it is all decorated and made to look lived in, but in truth the houses are brand spankin' new.
The reason we were invited to this particular idea house gala is because I have a few small paintings decorating the wall in an upstairs bathroom. This isn't the type of party I am usually jumping at the bit to go... lots of people I don't know, uncomfortable shoes, long drive, etc. But because it is an honor to have work in the house I felt like I should at least show up and try to enjoy it. As we drove in the ornate gateway we noticed the hood of our car was smoking (we must have a little oil leak). We parked as far away from the house as we could since our car was smoking, and sloppy with tools and baby stuff... not exactly a business casual ride.
Overall, the party was a good time. The beginning was a little rocky- Alex suggested that we leave before we had even seen 1/3 of the house (not even my paintings) I reminded him we drove forever to get there, and that it hurt he didn't want to see my night's claim to fame. He apologized saying that he was just reading my grim face... So we drank some wine and toured the rest of the house. I went back up later to take some photos of my work as proof they were there. (I doubt this particular bathroom will make it inside the magazine) Alas, in the end, I did not schmooze with any rich or famous people, but I had had some good laughs with Alex, ate some fancy appetizers and felt encouraged to keep at my artwork.

Asheville painter Wendy Whitson and potter Josh Copus's vessels in the living room.
Here I am in the lime green bathroom with my paintings.


babyjenks said...

fabulous dahling! that's awesome that your art is in the idea house, congrats! keep painting!

tom and i just signed a lease on a 3 bedroom apartment so i get to have a studio room that does not have to do double duty as something else! it's the first time since college that i've had one and i'm really excited.

love you lots! kiss that adorable baby and cute husband of yours for me. l, sabe

bottomland said...

hey you, i hope it doesn't take southern living magazine to encourage you to keep up your art! ;) your art brings so much beauty to my life and to the world. you go!