Home Sweet Home

Exactly two weeks since we packed up and headed north to visit my home state we returned home to our little abode in the jungle. From the looks of it we could have been gone a long time: a lot can grow in two weeks in June in this temperate climate. The snapdragons in front of our house grew a foot easily.

We were very road weary when we finally pulled into our driveway after a long and crabby second day of travel. We buzzed around settling in, unpacking, airing out the house, loving on the cats, and cooking a late dinner. When we sat down to eat our spaghetti dinner we opened the stack of mail that had piled up. Alas, lots of bills including a whopper from Alex's thumb ER visit- but then at the bottom of the pile was an intriguing envelope. We saved it until after dinner. It was our wedding invite to Christine's wedding in Nicaragua this fall. I felt the need to post a picture of it here because it is all handmade and by far the most amazing invite I will probably ever receive. It came in a see-through silver envelope, then in unwrap some raffia and open a thin silver tin, then inside is a make-believe passport with all of the wedding information in it. I will admit that I saw a mock up when Christine visited so I was not completely surprised. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall watching someone open it for the first time.
And yes, we will be going this November!!! For now though, we are glad we had such a nice time in New England, and we are very glad to be home in our home sweet home.

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