upwards and onwards

Although she has mastered the skill of crawling, crawling is second best to pulling up on anything she can get her chubby fingers on. This feat came within days of crawling. She pulls herself up and then excitedly and unsteadily rocks back and forth- a cross between a surfer riding a wave and Elvis rocking out. She just loves being vertical...
This is a picture from the first time she pulled herself to standing in the crib. I was getting dressed and turned around to see her grinning at me like this. I ran to get the camera hoping she wouldn't take a giant tumble while I was getting it. I got back and she was still gripping on. She was quite the ham while I took the photos, but I picked this one because I think it captures both her uncertainty and the success of what she did.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a precocious little girl! Look out--your life is about to change!
love you,

Erin said...

Go Lily go! Stretch those legs:-) PS, Corbin says thanks for the Bee! And mom says thanks for all the treats!