The story of this garlic is one of neglect and ignorance:
(However, it has a happy ending) A year and a half ago I planted some garlic in a little row in our garden just as the summer was truly winding down. It sprouted before it got too cold, and it overwintered very nicely. At which point I got pregnant and forgot about it. Until fall, when I checked on it for the first time in a long time. Poor garlic- it was not good as far as I could tell. Mushy. I just left it in the ground. But then, this winter I realized that all that abandoned mushy garlic was growing more garlic! I didn't do anything to it at all (not even thin it which would have been nice) and then yesterday we went out to the garden and harvested some of the plants. They are small because they were overcrowded, but they are a nice bunch of garlics eh?
So I cut the garlic tops off and set the garlic bulbs out to dry...
and then I roasted the garlic tops with potatoes and olive oil and some herbs for dinner tonight- Alex made some yummy chicken salad atop a bed of spinach from our garden as well, and we had some wine, and the baby was sleeping. Perfect!
(excepting the fruit fly who drown in my wine and I couldn't scoop it out for the life of me- not very dignified...)


Adam said...

Hooray for garlic. Our tops are curling, and we've used a few of them. Maybe some more in a stir fry or something this weekend.

I'll pull one up on the fourth of July and see what it looks like. Will Corbin like garlic? Will he have a choice?

Garlic-infused breastmilk!

NeNe said...

Hi Suzie Homemaker!
Looks yummy to me. We just picked our first tomatoes from our huge plants out here in the desert. Also have sage, peppers, and other stuff I don't know the name for. Famer Randy has been tending to the garden.

I got a great internet fare online for him last night and he will be coming with me in July. He is very excited, as am I.

Gramps & Laurie said...

I'm trying to figure out why Alex Jr. cooks, but Sr. doesn't... :-)

Five Carmonas said...

yeah for good garden news! I heard you are having some bean confusion...Alex asked if I remembered which were green and which were black....the only thing I remember is the first two rows being black and no black beans in the above-the-compost bed. We get back Saturday evening...landing in Charlotte around 6:00pm. Can't wait to see you!