I believe this picture says it all

As you can see, David & Ema, and Alex & I have practically matching cars. As unlikely as it sounds this was not intentional. They got theirs in Utah. And when my Mom and Paul offered for us to buy their white Subaru station wagon at a great price we couldn't say no (despite the fact that we were buying the same car as David and Ema)
But the matching car thing is truly just the beginning. matching silverware sets, houses just 25 feet apart with matching siding, brothers who sometimes sport matching hairdos, matching kitchen chairs, matching upstairs ceilings... well that might be it. However our lives are very intertwined, and sometimes it feels like we are all married in a way.

Lucky for us, D & E are a perfect match for us. I can't imagine living this close to anyone else. (I amend this, we have lived quite successfully with other family before) We are similar but not too similar. We get along, but are able to communicate with relative ease when we don't see eye to eye. (and more often than not it's Ema and I together not seeing eye to eye with the guys or vis versa.)

I like that we are a living example of family that loves each other and is able to co-exist. You know that saying that time spent with family is like fish? Family and fish are good for about a three day max before it starts to go bad? I guess we are (gratefully) breaking that mold.

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