Erin and Adam had their baby this morning! I just found out and I don't know all the details and it is killing me. I know the birth stats and saw a picture which pacified my thirst to hear every little detail. But mostly, I want to hear Erin's voice to hear how it sounds post labor. I want to hear how the labor went. My dear childhood friend is a MOTHER! ... We have been friends for 20 years and today something happened that changes her drastically. I really want to call, but I am blogging about it instead. Best to leave them to some peace. Right? Well, okay then.

Ironically, I just sent out a care package to them today in preparation for their birth. The note inside said lots of encouraging things that I thought may help her through her labor. Things like "trust your body" and that sort of thing. Now in hindsight it seems pretty silly that I didn't take into account that she could have already birthed the baby. She will probably have a good laugh for her tardy friend when she gets it. Although, I am only half-way tardy, as the package will arrive on her "official" due date.

Look how beautiful he is. He really is so beautiful... I have been tearing up for hours. It feels good to be full of so much joy.Corbin _?_ Shaffer
Born Tuesday, June 17, 5:15am
8 pounds 2 ounces 20.5 inches


Erin said...

call me! I just didn't want to wake anyone up at your house! We are up and enjoying each other. We might try another feeding here soon! I love you. Thank you for all your thoughts. I want to talk to you so badly too! I was about to call when Jed called.

Daisie said...

He really is very beautiful, well done Erin!! Welcome to the world of motherdom!