Our petering singing Cicada colony

"This was a big run for Cicada Bug this year in many Eastern States and now Bugs buzz dying down in many parts of the USA. Experts say the historical pattern of the Cicada Bug has been proved once more. Cicada mate during 4 week period and then male Cicada dies falling to the ground or still being attached to a tree branch with its sharp legs. Females on the other hand are busy laying eggs by simply dropping them to earth underneath and die after all eggs are gone. However, Cicada nymphs continue cycle and borrowing several inches underground where they will hide for next 17 or so years. Should we say “I’ll be back!” for Cicada or Zzzzzz Zzzz Zzzzz! In its own language.

Cicadas in translation from German - Singing Insect. We name so because mail issues the sounds as a mixture of chirring, chirping, and singing. Under the poetic legend of ancient Greeks two musicians Evnom and Ariston have arranged competition. Cicada was also invited to this competition. When musician started to play instruments, Cicada sat on one place and started to produce sounds similar to the sounds of Arpha . As you may guess Cicada won this competition and was proclaimed the best musician. Since then the cicada sitting on arpha, is considered to be a Greek emblem of music. On the contrary female Cicadas do not sing. They are listeners of their male counterpart. They main task of female Cicada is to determine which male Cicada is the best performer on the block. This male Cicada is then picked for mating. From early ages men was fascinated by the sounds and songs of Cicadas. Cicada fans in Asia capture them and contain within a wooden box. Captured Cicadas then divided according their tune and sounds and appreciated by large crowds of fans for both loudness and variety if their songs. The musical secret of Cicadas is in their chamber on its breast. There are special membranes which are actuated by a strong muscle. This muscle is reduced with huge speed - twenty thousand times per one second. As a result, membranes issue a sharp sound. The sound then passes through complex system of resonators and amplifiers producing stunning sounds that can be heard for miles." - from newscicadayear.com
I personally think it sounds like a troop of aliens touching down. Rather than the Zzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz it sounds more like a Wooooo Wooooooz Wooooooo to me. In researching some cicada info I came across these unique cicada things
  1. a cicada receipe: http://recipe.cicadayear.com/
  2. a place to buy a cicada ringtone: http://www.ringringers.com/?id=3921285
  3. and best of all, this T-shirt: (it says, "What did one cicada say to the other? I can't believe George Bush is still president!")


Adam said...

Good shirt.

Today Today 25 third graders will bury themselves in summer and re-emerge 2.5 months later as fourth graders. I love summer!

Kelcey said...

That is funny too.
I bet fourth graders have a buzzing drone when they congregate as well!

Papa said...

I am disapponted that politics has become part of this interesting bog.

Kelcey said...

This is a childish joke- that's it- a play on the 17 year cycle. I believe a little light-hearted comic relief can be good for life and/or politics sometimes. I am sorry if this offends you.
lovingly, Kelcey