What is going on...

Here is a picture of Lili eating some peas and brown rice mush. This is a plastic spoon and at each bite she anchors the spoon in her mouth by chomping down with her two new teeth. I was thinking to tell you how cute it was, but then this morning she did this same maneuver while breastfeeding and drew blood. It seems a LOT less cute... However despite my injury I still think she is the sweetest. Strangers always come up to me and ask "Is she always this happy???"
This is a deck that Alex and Kevin just finished up on in Asheville. They put in this cool detail of a directional in the middle of the deck.
For our baby shower Alex and I requested that we get no big, gaudy, loud, plastic toys. Our reasons being too small of a house, and well, we just didn't want any.
Anyways, as you can see from this picture we are eating our words because here is Lili having fun in her big, bright, gaudy, plastic "jungle jumperoo" station that we bought her.
This is yesterday in the garden. She jumped away while we planted beans.


Adam said...

I'm glad your prolific blogging includes prolific photography. Lili is super cute, and that deck is pretty nice looking.

We also don't want crazy plastic color explosion toys. But since you bought one, I'll give us permission to consider it. Maybe. :^)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes philosophy and aesthetics get shoved aside in the need to garden in peace... :) No one thinks less of you, my dear! As for the teeth, congratulations Lili! And the biting will pass in time, I'm sure. Clara never got me with more than one or two bites before she got the picture!